“Efficient and professional service for my house survey with a five star rating on service quality and service value. ” Mrs S K S (Selby Area)

“The survey has been done and I was very pleased with the outcome, I received 1st a telephone call from Mr Wiles which was very helpful, a large number of photographs showing the property inside and out and was also e-mailed a copy of the report.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring a home buyers survey in the York area.” VN

“It was lovely meeting you after you surveyed the property. You really did talk a lot of sense, and it really helped us make the right decision.” AB

“Thank you for all of your time that Wednesday morning. And thank you for talking good sense.” AB

“Thanks Richard. Wise Counsel as always - we are going ahead.” FB

“Richard has always produced a timely report and discussed any problems in respect of the prospective property. His local knowledge has been invaluable” from Mick Fox, Yorkshire Bank, York

“There's no better!” from Ric Blenkharn, Bramhall Blenkharn Architects, Malton